Skin Care Odyssey Part 2

Hello Beautiful!

As I said in my previous post; I am not that meticulous and this is yet again proven by my inability to continue blogging in a timely manner :(

Anywayz, last time I was talking about my skin care odyssey, so I am going to pick it up from where I had left it..

So, my first reaction after throwing away all my skin care products was to go back to what I was using so far. I had never seen any major changes in my skin but I had been using these products for many many years and they had never broken me out or caused any bad reactions to my skin. But at the same time I was feeling a bit..reckless so I decided to go for all natural/organic products.

I remeber lying awake in my bed around 1:00 am on a Sunday night, or should I say Monday monring, thinking of what should I do with my bad skin..I started searching online for organic skin care products and I came up with some..the next day I went ahead and ordered them..

I don’t even remember where I got this site from, probably some blog or smt but as I said I was feeling quite adventurous and in a couple of days I had received my order. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The site was and I had ordered 2 products; a karite butter to be used as a moisturizer and a basil soap to be used as a cleanser..I was shocked to see how this karite butter actually looked like and I wasn’t even sure how this was supposed to be used so the very same day I went and ordered my usual skin care line by Vichy; Vichy Purete thermale, a cleansing product, a Vichy Purete Thermale Mousse, another cleansing product and of course my 10yrs trusty hydrating cream; Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich.



I did try both the karite butter and the soap and although they never broke me out, I must say they weren’t my style..I mean the soap was just a soap with a quite strong basil smell which to tell you the truth did not remove all the make up from my face and it was drying my face out as well, I felt like it was stretching somehow…and then the butter was like a butter, so very oily that you couldn’t possibly put it on and then go out..

So, I was back where I had started…using good old Vichy products…The hydrating cream being OK but the cleansing products, even though I was using both, one after the other, were not removing all my make up off…especially the eye make up.

I was, and still am, wtf? Will I eternally be using these products and still not be 100% satisfied? Why can’t I find a good eye make up remover or an awesome hydrating cream that would make my skin “glow”, as so many reviewers keep saying?

In the past, I had used Body Shop’s eye make up remover, Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover but again it was just OK. It never completely removed my eye make up..

So I was and I remain disappointed when it comes to my skin care routine…


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4 responses

  1. Did you try to ask a doctor`s advice?I had very bad skin until i started to take pills she suggested,after blood examination.Yes they were heavy but i did not care because the results were amazing,till now i have great skin,had to do with my hormones not the skin iself.Consult a dermatologist.-i am sorry for my poor English!

    • Hi Despina! It was these new products I had been using that were causing me a bad skin reaction. Other than that ny skin is usually Ok..nothing special but Ok. thank God i am now back to normal…απλα θελω να βρω κατι καλο που θα με κανει να πω ουαου!!:) καποια προταση;

      • Froika,this is such a good company,it is not as glam as others,but it s been suggested by numerous doctors and dermatologists plus is Greek.
        Also i trust La Roche Possey.

  2. I want to help! I’m an Esthetician and I love a challenge. :) This post is very exciting to me and I have no idea where you live (and it doesn’t matter), I can still help. Contact me or find me on facebook at You just commented that your skin is “ok. nothing special.” I want you to get your glow on!!

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