Zara Haul

Hello Beautiful!

These last couple of months I have been buying staff non stop.. however my buying sprees do not coincide with my blog updates and that has as a result to blog about staff I have bought months ago!

The same thing happened in this case as well.. The blouse, the trouser and the shoes were bought around 1 ½  month ago, and a few days ago I bought this cute shirt.

I actually still haven’t worn any of them apart from the shoes..

About the shoes..when I saw them I instantly knew I was going to buy them..I loved the material, that wouldn’t allow my sweaty feet to escape, the design and the silver color.

So, I first got to try them out when I went away for one week. I was so excited and I kept saying to my bf that I loved how they made my feet look..

It was only natural to wear them at work too when I went back..OMG, these hurt soooo badly!!I still don’t know what exactly is it about these shoes that hurt so much, the front part hurts like hell. At one point I wanted to scream out of pain..I literally wanted to take them off and start walking bear foot…How come I am so unlucky when it comes to shoes?

Let me know what you guys think! Did you get to do a lot of shopping during the sales?

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2 responses

  1. So sad to hear that they are uncomfortable, because they look great! But if they make your feet hurt, I say stop wearing them! They’re not worth the pain, and they may damage your feet if they are poorly made.

  2. Το παντελονάκι το πήρα και γω σε ροζ χρώμα!πολύ βολικό παντελόνι!κρίμα για τα παπούτσια!και μενα μου είχαν αρέσει αλλα ειχε τελειώσει το 39 και δεν τα πήρα..πάλι καλά δηλαδή!ελπίζω να βολεύτηκες τα υπόλοιπα πραγματάκια!φιλιά

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