Thank you, Sephora!!!

Hello Beautiful!

This past week I had an ongoing communication with Sephora regarding my loyalty card. There was a mix up with my points and personal details so we had to clear this up. Their customer service was very helpful; giving prompt and to the point responses and the issue was quickly resolved. So, apart from reinstating my points they offered me a free eye brow bar experience. Of course, I couldn’t miss this chance and last Saturday I booked an appointment at the Mall Athens at 12:00.

The girl who did my brows, Katerina, clearly knew what she was doing, was very helpful and pleasant and I was so very pleased with the result! I will definitely be going back! I was just so excited with this free gift that I had to share it with you. If you haven’t tried it, you should!

I also got to try Benefit’s products on eyebrows and I was so pleased. It takes a lot to have the perfectly groomed eye brows and I surely need help on this…So, thank you Katerina and thank you, Sephora!!

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2 responses

  1. Can’t say that my brows are well groomed but at least they are nicely shaped (in my opinion!). Although I would love to see what a professional would suggest. However, I don’t like changes, and I would be very hesitant, to let anyone touch my brows, and shape them the way he likes.

    • I am like you! I don’t like changes at all, that is why I have never dyed my hair..but..and this is a rather big but…when it comes to eyebrow shaping I convince myself to trust a professional. I mean how bad can they do it..?? Well.. unless they shave it that is! :)
      Go ahead and try can stop her in every step and ask to look at yourself in the mirror :)

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