Versace lipsticks

OK, I admit it, I have enough make up to last me a whole year, and most of them are intact..This is how I found out I have 6 Versace lipsticks in my possession which I must have bought almost 2 years ago. I think I bought them from Ebay when I was looking for a nice shade of red lipstick and I didn’t like them at the time, so I kinda forgotten their existence.

Recently, I was looking for a good nourishing matte pinkish lipstick and I found them in my make up bag. Ever since, they have become my new favorite lipstics.

These beauties are so wonderful. I mean I am truly impressed. I don’t have that much experience in lipsticks; I am a lip gloss girl, but lip glosses don’t last that long and I have been looking for something like a lip stain, or at least something that lasts some time on my lips and not on my food, glass etc. I have been looking to expand my lipstick collection and I have been reluctantly buying a few of them from different brands.

These are amazing. I wear a different shade every day at work and these beauties are like lip stains. I mean they really stay on my lips! I can still see it after 8 hours on my lips something which does not stop to amaze me. Everyone keeps telling me how beautiful they look and they can’t believe I have not been reapplying them all day!!!

The problem is I had never heard of Versace lipsticks. I have looked into it online with no luck.  I mean I did buy them from Ebay and it does say that these are samples –not for sale- but I soooo love them, I am dying to find more from them.

Do you have any idea where I could find them? Does Versace really have any lipsticks? What is your favorite lipstick? Any recommendations?


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7 responses

  1. All amazing colors! I didn’t know that Versace has lipsticks, but I guess they do.
    These are perfect for summer! I should get a few more lipsticks. I don’t have many, since I used to buy only lip glosses for years.

    • Have you tried Ebay? Wjere did you initially buy this? Please let me know if you find any of these lipsticks somewhere else other than Ebay…

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