Sephora Haul

Some time ago, I think early June, Sephora had a crazy deal of 40% off of their exclusive brands.

To tell you the truth I had never been to Sephora before (!!!)- I know crazy, but please note that the major player in the cosmetics retail field in Greece is Hondos center with the biggest market share – but I really wanted to try a few brands that were only available at Sephora, so I went on the last day of the offer…And believe me it was out of pure luck that I found out about this amazing deal, while browsing a weekly magazine. Sephora do not seem to advertise much…

Anyyyyhow, I went there and I got to buy a few things:

  1. Too Faced «Romantic Eye» Palette
  2. Benefit Blush/Bronzer «Hoola»
  3. Crazy Duo Eyeshadow









I had heard so many things about Too Faced (esp. their eye primer) and Benefit (esp. their blushes aka Hervana) and I wanted to try them out. I immediately fell in love with the Too Faced palettes, I didn’t know which one to pick, they were all so beautiful!! Finally, I was between two palettes, the «Romantic Eyes» one and the «Summer Eye» one. I went with the first one. The colors in this palette are sooooo incredibly beautiful!!

The box itself and packaging is feminine, pretty and IMO very practical. You can use the shades as they are lined up; it comes with 3 cards to guide you through doing the looks, or create your own style and combinations.

I like how this palette has a variety of colors and a nice balance of matte and shimmery shadows. It is very versatile and you can tone it up or down depending on your combinations.






Shade information from Too Faced:

1. I Do: smokey taupe (matte taupe with purple undertone)
2. Unveil: Smoldering coal (matte dark brown-almost black)
3. Cut The Cake: heathered mist (shimmery lavender with golden sparkles)
4. First Dance: midnight orchid (dark matte purple)
5. Honeymoon: gilded fern (gilded olive green)
6. Ever After: spicy chocolate (shimmery bronze)
7. Soulmates: shimmering nectar (light shimmery cream)
8. Kiss The Bride: pink petal
9. Bouquet Toss: baby’s breath (matte cream highlight)

As far as I know Sephora Greece do not sell the full range of Too Faced products which is very unfortunate as I beginning to love their products..

Now, coming to the Hoola bronzer/blush by Benefit… When I went to the Benefit stand I was almost sure I was going to buy the very much advertised Hervana but then I saw Hoola and I thought to myself…I don’t have too many bronzers and I certainly ain’t no expert in them but this looked powdery and completely matte, so my plans changed..

I haven’t tried it that much to tell you the truth but my initial impression proved to be correct; it provides great color…not too orange and/or brown, very matte no shimmers whatsoever. And I really like the package, it’s cute. It comes with a brush which I am afraid I have ruined since I washed it…:S Oh well…

As I said though, I am not really a bronzer/contouring expert, at some point I need to try all 4 bronzers I have in my possession and see which one looks best I guess…:S

And last but not least, the Crazy Duo mentioned in the beginning of this post (I know it’s too long but surely you must remember…no?)  when I first saw the Too Faced Eyeshadow Palettes I went completely nuts and wanted to buy all of them.. however, I  wanted to try different brands so I had to settle with just one eyeshadow palette..not to mention that I have like a million eyeshadows and it’s good to buy other staff than that..anyway, I really loved the Summer eye palette and especially, the Coral Crush eyeshadow, so I asked the help of the lovely Sephora girl and she showed me a couple of similar ones. One of them was Crazy’s duo eyeshadow and when I saw the price (€7 I think) my quest had finally come to an end..

I loooove this orange/corally color!! It’s so beautiful, with a bit of shimmer to it, I have been wearing it non stop day and night! Such a beautiful summery color!! I still haven’t tried the blue one but it looks so pigmented as well, I think I will be using it (more) in fall.

Let me know what you have bought from Too Faced and Benefit. I think I am now officially in love with the first one..I wish their whole product range was available to Greece..


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8 responses

  1. Never used any of these products! To be honest I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything from Sephora, as I live in Greece too, and I do most of my beauty shopping either in Hondos Center or from a company called Amway.

    • I love the Too Faced palettes! You should try them out. I know, I myself went to Sephora for the first time in June,they seem to be having some great offers lately.
      I have never heard of that second company/shop you mentioned. Is it an online one?

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