Skin Care Odyssey Part 2

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Hello Beautiful! As I said in my previous post; I am not that meticulous and this is yet again proven by my inability to continue blogging in a timely manner :( Anywayz, last time I was talking about my skin care odyssey, so I am going to pick it up from where I had left … Continue reading

Come Back Post & Skin Care Odyssey Part 1


Ok, I admit it.. I am inexcusable…it’s been ages since I wrote something decent on my blog..the reasons behind that are many..but I missed it so much, so here I am!!

Today is a rather good opportunity to write my first real come back post, I am working at/from home, so I didn’t have to go to the office, the sky is getting darker by the hour, definitely going to rain, I have my coffee beside me and writing a post seems so…cozy and familiar one could say.

A while back, I think it was July, I totally freaked out with my skin care routine. I was testing some products at the time (which curiously enough are so hype around the Greek blogosphere) that made my skin look and feel really bad. I immediately threw them away and decided on the following:

  1. Never get super excited with new products. What works for other does not necessarily work for you.
  2. Never try out more than one new product at the same time. So, since I wasn’t sure which one (it was a line though) caused these reactions to my skin, I had to throw away everything, thank God they were cheap……
  3. I had to buy a new, well, every thing!! A moisturizer, a toner and a cleanser… but which ones?? Another risk, with more new products??

I must say I never was the kind of girl that really takes care of her skin..all I ever did was use a moisturizer and a cleanser and I was out the door…to tell you the truth I am not that meticulous, plus I can never tell any difference to my skin caused by a product…And what is all that with expensive face and eye creams? How much money are enough for a cream to be considered a good one???

To tell you the truth I was, and still am, indecisive..I never know what products I should be using.. why can’t I find a line of product that suits me and stick with it? I mean I am at an age that I should know by now, listen to my skins needs or whatever..well, I guess that’s not the case..and that is when my skin care routine odyssey started…



I am back…well, almost..

I know it’s been ages since I last wrote a was summer and then I got back to work and things were pretty hectic so I wasn’t really in the mood to blog on the weekends. Because, I must tell you I only blog during the weekends..

Well, I am thinking of reviving my blog this weekend, so hopefully there will be a new post by Monday….

Wish me luck!! :D

Week’s Offers

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Garnier Greece Great news for our hair! Even better news for those of us who aare on a budget! There is a 30% sale on all Fructis products. More specifically the offer is valid in the following Super/Hyper Markets: ΑΒ – until 11/8 Sklavenitis – until 14/8 Carrefour Marinopoulos – until 18/8 Veropoulos – until … Continue reading

Brow Design Kit by Sigma

Sigma announces Brow Design Kit that will be officially launched on Monday, July 23rd. The 15 piece kit contains all of the arching, shaping and grooming tools needed to achieve beautiful and well defined brows!

Product Release Info

What: Sigma Beauty Expert – Brow Design Kit

Cost: $69

Collection Status: Permanent

Available: Monday, July 23rd

This Brow Design Kit is the first of many “Sigma Beauty Expert” kits! You can read more about the upcoming series on the Sigma Beauty Blog!

Sephora Haul

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Some time ago, I think early June, Sephora had a crazy deal of 40% off of their exclusive brands. To tell you the truth I had never been to Sephora before (!!!)- I know crazy, but please note that the major player in the cosmetics retail field in Greece is Hondos center with the biggest … Continue reading